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Welcome to InsureTheQueen.com!  

ITQ is an ONLINE INDEPENDENT LIFE INSURANCE AGENCY dedicated to providing everything there is to know about life insurance for WOMEN of all ages, health conditions, and lifestyles.  

(Don’t worry, we can help you insure the “King” in your life as well.)  

iStock_000022360796XSmallAt ITQ, we know that a majority of women in the United States do not have life insurance.  Or they have life insurance in place, but not enough to properly protect their families and loved one’s. 

OUR MISSION is to bring awareness through education and compassion to ALL women (Ages 0-90) that need to secure life insurance on themselves and their family members.


Our Life Insurance Specialists at ITQ are experienced and will gladly assist you in finding a policy that fits both your needs and your budget. WE have access to over 40 top rated insurance carriers.  We will find you the most competitively priced life insurance policy for which you qualify for. 

There are NO salespeople here, only licensed life agents with the highest standards of INTEGRITY, COMPASSION and PROFESSIONALISM. 

We can assist in all 50 states.

 (619) 933-0736 

Let’s talk about your options for securing life insurance

Or if you prefer….send us an email with questions at:  LifeInsLady@gmail.com

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Ellen Edwards

Life Insurance Broker and Owner at EM Insurance Services
Ellen Edwards is the owner of EM Insurance Services, an online life insurance agency. She is also the creator and lead blog writer of InsureTheQueen.com. You can find her on Google +, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Over the past 6 years, Ellen has successfully consulted individuals across the United States regarding their insurance needs. She is a proud single mom to a soon to be college graduate from SDSU, an up and coming pro scooter rider, and an avid basketball/soccer player.