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So you have diabetes and need life insurance…..

What life insurance company is going to view your diabetic health history in the best light?

Don’t worry!  There are many top rated insurance companies out there that will place life insurance cases for women with diabetes.

Best Life Insurance Companies for Women with Diabetes

Best Life Insurance Companies for Women with Diabetes

Best Life Insurance Companies for Women with Diabetes

This article focuses on the 3 best life insurance companies for women with diabetes that Insure The Queen (ITQ) continually places cases with:

1. Prudential

2. American General

3. Genworth

All three of these companies share top financial ratings, competitive rates, and outstanding service.  More importantly, they are all “Aggressive” when it comes to underwriting  life insurance policies for diabetic women.

“Aggressive” in this scenario means an all-out effort to succeed at placing a life insurance case for a client with an impaired risk such as diabetes.  In short, “Aggressive” is a compliment when describing ITQ’s preferred life insurance carriers for diabetic women.

If you first want to read about life insurance in general for diabetic women, then please read this article by ITQ:

Affordable Life Insurance for Women with Diabetes


#1 Prudential


Prudential Financial has an AM Best Rating of A+ (Superior)

Prudential is headquartered in Newark, New Jersey and is one of the world’s largest financial services institutions with operations in the United States, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

What makes Prudential one of the best life insurance companies for women with diabetes?

ANSWER- Underwriting Credit Opportunities for Women with Diabetes

Prudential does everything it can to be more competitive in the impaired risk category.  Diabetes is one of the impaired risks listed out of over two dozen that are eligible.  Basically, Prudential offers underwriting credits to offset the increased rating automatically applied due to your specific history of health and diabetes.

According to our Medical Underwriting Expert, “Prudential is giving some good offers these days on adult onset type 2 diabetes with good control.”


Prudential’s Diabetes Crediting Opportunity

Available credits vary based on type of diabetes mellitus (Type 1 or 2), treatment (Diet, Oral RX, Insulin), age of onset, level of control, and other factors such as normal build, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

-According to Prudential’s Underwriting Guidelines

These underwriting credit opportunities through Prudential are “Decision based.”  This is where test results and/or other favorable criteria regarding your diabetes is of upmost importance.

Diabetic EXAMPLE:

If a woman has good blood sugar control, then this would be seen by Prudential as an opportunity to improve their health category/rating.  The result could be an improvement on a standard or substandard rating.

Other BIG benefits of working with Prudential:

-Age last birthday, not nearest

(Age is directly related to the premium of your life insurance company.  The majority of insurers are age nearest, which means if you are within 6 months of your birthday then that age will be used. This translates into a higher premium.  Prudential does not do that!)

-Accept insurance exams up to 12 months old for ages 0-70

-Can automatically issue a single-life insurance policy up to $65 million without having to delay the process by discussing the risk with reinsurers.

(Need I say more!)

-Participates in an Informal Review Process

(In a nutshell, this is a review of you by the insurance company without the commitment and formality of an application.  This is utilized with a client who has a significant health history and a potentially large premium.  Those two factors can make underwriting difficult.  The Informal Review gives an idea of what the insurer is likely to offer.  If a decline is inevitable, then there is no record of that on a formal application.)

#2 American General (AIG)

I know what you are thinking.  However, AIG has come a long way in rebuilding it’s reputation.  And here is why….

American General has an AM Best rating of A (Excellent)

American General has headquarters in Houston, Texas

AIG is the world’s largest insurance organization serving 88 million customers around the globe.- AIG

(In the city of New York AIG operates under – The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York…aka: US Life)

What makes AIG one of the best life insurance companies for women with diabetes?

ANSWER- “Underwrite The Person” & “Practice a Debit/Credit Approach” – According to AIG’s most recent: Life Insurance Field Underwriting Guide

Underwrite The Person:

AIG takes an inclusive view rather than just focusing solely on your medical history of diabetes.  Their specific assessment process underwrites the person, including financial and avocation.

Practice a Debit/Credit Approach:

AIG knows favorable factors can exist besides being a woman with a health impairment of diabetes.  These factors can sometimes help reduce risk associated with diabetes.  AIG also updates this approach continually to acknowledge other favorable factors such as family history, recent testing, smoking status etc…

Diabetic EXAMPLE:

A 50 + year old women with good control of blood sugar, not on insulin, and has no complications may qualify for better than standard rates with AIG.

If you do take insulin and have complications from diabetes then please check out this article from ITQ…

Life Insurance for Insulin Dependent Diabetic Women

Other BIG benefits of working with AIG:

– Constantly update underwriting guidelines to keep up with advances in medicine

– Exceptional and well trained medical and underwriting professionals

– Current technology that makes doing business easier for the agent and client


 #3 Genworth Life Insurance Company


Genworth Life Insurance Company has an AM Best rating of A- (Secure/Excellent)

Genworth is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia and conducts business in all 50 states.

What makes Genworth one of the best life insurance companies for women with diabetes?

ANSWER – 360 Life View Underwriting for Women with Diabetes

Genworth’s unique underwriting style focuses on more personalized evaluations, more competitive offers, more consistent decisions, quicker turnarounds, and fewer requirements.  All these things are vital when you are working with a case that involves a diabetic woman.

“It’s not all about the labs or medical records.”

-Quoted directly from Genworth’s Underwriting Guidelines Page 2

The general agency that ITQ works thru has developed a strong working relationship over time with Genworth underwriters.  Our case managers speak directly with the assigned underwriter’s often on a first name basis due to the fact that applications are constantly being submitted.  There is a better exchange of information thru Genworth and a goal is established matching the offer needed to place a diabetic case.  Offers may not always match what was needed, but the communication is always clear and concise.   Underwriting diabetes is not an exact science and Genworth recognizes that.

Bottomline, Genworth strives for better customer service and higher placement ratios in general and for diabetic women.

Diabetic EXAMPLE:

A standard rating may be available for non-smoking women, over age 50 with optimal control and no complications.

For sample quotes from Genworth, please check out the following article from ITQ:

Life Insurance for Insulin Dependent Diabetic Women

(Make sure to scroll to the bottom and look for “A Range of Monthly Life Insurance Cost Examples (Standard to Table 4 Rating)”



Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions regarding life insurance for women.  We are happy to assist and there is never any obligation.

You can contact us by phone at:  (619) 933-0736

Email us at: LifeInsLady@gmail.com

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Still not sure, check out this article about ITQ and how we get high risk life insurance cases approved!

Or, 10 Reasons Why ITQ is the #1 Life Insurance Resource for Women


*Written by Ellen Edwards. InsureTheQueen.com and its representatives do not give medical, legal, or tax advice. Please consult your own physician, legal or tax adviser.










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