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 “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”appleadayistockphoto

I also believe an apple a day will likely give you a nice health classification as a woman when it comes to getting approved for life insurance.

There are many factors that go into determining life insurance Health Classifications for women.  A general explanation of who may qualify for each classification is described below.  These explanations are just a guide to best determine your classification for a quote only.   You will not know your exact health classification until you have completed the full underwriting process required by a carrier.

Remember ladies…     A quote is just that….A QUOTE!

Preferred Plus For Women–   You are a perfect female specimen of health!  Your height/weight is ideal for your age/gender and you have answered “NO” to all the questions below.  Some carriers may even give you this rating if you are on one medication for either high blood pressure or cholesterol (Not both).  As long as you are taking it as prescribed and your condition is under control.   No personal history of Cancer, Coronary Artery Disease, or Diabetes.  You may have only one minor moving violation within the past 3 years. No tobacco or nicotine within the last 5 years. No history of drug/alcohol abuse or treatment ever.  No deaths of parents or siblings prior to age 60.

Preferred For Women You are a healthy woman and maintain a height and weight within close range of ideal.  NO current serious medical conditions.  You may have answered yes to one question below, but it is minor.  You may have two minor moving violations within the past 3 years. No personal history of Cancer, Coronary Artery Disease, Diabetes (Maybe one carrier that will do this rating if diagnosed over age 60, diagnosed in last 5 years and A1C around 6).  No tobacco of nicotine within the last 3 years.  No history of drug/alcohol abuse or treatment in last 10 years.

Standard Plus For Women  You are a somewhat healthy woman and are moderately above height and weight acceptable weight chart limitations for carriers.  No cigarettes within the last 12 months.  Actual driving history will be evaluated if more than three minor moving violations within the past 3 years. Alcohol/drug treatment if within in last 10 years would be evaluated.  Actual medical history would be evaluated.  Medical records would be reviewed.  Answered yes to more than two questions below.

Standard For Women –  You are a woman above recommended height/weight charts.  You also have a significant current or recent past medical history.  If  a diabetic woman, most carriers will do this rating if A1C is less than 7.0.  Medical records would be reviewed.  You are on multiple medications and answered yes to several questions below.  No cigarettes within the last 12 months.


Life Insurance Health Classification Questions For Women:

  • What is your height and weight?
  • Have you used any tobacco or nicotine products in the past 12 month?
  • Do you have any current medical conditions? (i.e. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, or ever suffered a stroke etc..)
  • Have you been hospitalized at all in the last 5 years?
  • What medications are you currently prescribed?
  • In the past five years, have you had multiple moving violations, a DUI or any reckless driving on your driving record?
  • Do you travel outside the U.S. or have any plans to do so in the next 12 months?
  • Family History…Has your mother, father or any brothers and sisters ever been diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or suffered a stroke?  Are they living or deceased?  Did they pass away prior to age 60?

If you are still unsure about how to classify yourself for life insurance…..

Please give us a call and talk to one of our life insurance specialists that will gladly assist you.   (619) 933-0736

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Ellen Edwards

Independent Life Insurance Agent at EM Insurance Services
Ellen Edwards is the owner of EM Insurance Services, an online life insurance agency. She is also the creator and lead blog writer of InsureTheQueen.com. You can find her on Google +, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Over the past 7 years, Ellen has successfully consulted individuals across the United States regarding their insurance needs. She is a proud single mom to two daughters and a son.