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“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”   Mahatma Gandhi

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We still have LIFE INSURANCE options if you have medical issues.

Health is another factor in determining rates on life insurance.  At ITQ we are EXPERTS in obtaining life insurance for women (And their family members) with pre-existing conditions.  We also know that every one’s health situation is unique and we will go the extra mile to relay that to the life insurance carrier. 

CLICK HERE for information on how we get high risk cases APPROVED

5 Causes of Death In Women Of All Ages and Races (In order)

  1. Heart Disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease
  4. Stroke
  5. Alzheimer’s

Prevention can go a long way and insurance companies like to see that.

ITQ Articles and Questionnaires On Common Pre-Existing Health Conditions For Women

You will either see an article or questionnaire behind each of the female conditions listed below.

CLICK Below For More Information On Each Health Condition And The Questions We Ask :

How will your agent know how to accurately quote you if they are not asking the necessary questions about your health?

ANSWER:  They Won’t Know!


Don’t Worry.  If your health condition is not listed, we can still help!  Give us a call …


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Ellen Edwards

Independent Life Insurance Agent at EM Insurance Services
Ellen Edwards is the owner of EM Insurance Services, an online life insurance agency. She is also the creator and lead blog writer of InsureTheQueen.com. You can find her on Google +, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Over the past 7 years, Ellen has successfully consulted individuals across the United States regarding their insurance needs. She is a proud single mom to two daughters and a son.